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Prayer: Don't Quit

It's easy to get tired and give up.  Many voices in our world would advise us to do so.  Jesus tells a parable of a persistent widow in Luke 18 that instructs us in how to persevere in faith and prayer.

Jesus, Our Hope in

Political Division

Political strife has invaded the church in a time when our culture is very divided.  Jesus prayer from John 17:11-15 gives insight and guidance on how to navigate the politic differences in our world.

Did Jesus Really Say, "Don't Worry?"

It's surprising to know us this Sunday at 11am as Pastor Ken continutes on in this new series! You won't want to miss this one. Click below to listen to past installments of this series! 


Pastor Bill loves to use creative learning experiences, humor, object lessons, good questions, and silly props to ehance preaching, teaching  and translating of the historic Christian principles, practices and posture in order to equips listeners with a growing and relevant Christian faith for the 21st Century.  He has a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry and Philosophical Theology from Anderson University's School of Theology and 35 years of full-time ministry experience to influence the biblical insights and understandings that he loves to share.  Pastor Bill's passion is to lead anyone who will in following Jesus, to live and love like him and make a positive (heavenly) difference in the community and world.  The verse that informs his life and faith is taken from the words of Jesus' in John 10:10b - "I have come that they might have real and eternal life (MSG)."  It is his greatest desire to live out this verse with authenticity and integrity and encourage that same life by the grace of Chrsit in others.